Rose Tattoo - Creeper

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She's the last girl
I thought I'd ever see here
There stands a preacher's daughter
Holdin' a beer
Tattoo of angel
On the small of her back
How cool is that?

She said I has a friend
And she was gigglin' my name is Caroline
But those who know me best call me
Tattoo rose
Yeah, and that got me wonderin'
Which pretty end She had it inked in
Forbidden, Well hidden underneath her clothes
And I asked
Where is your little secret
She said you know I keep it

Just a little south of my Mason-Dixon tan line
This yellow rose of Texas, that's right, has never seen the sunshine
Since that spring break down in Key West
Oh what a beautiful canvas
For a little tattoo rose

Yeah, tattoo rose

So I said you know I gotta know
Just how low it really goes
Hey baby
Just maybe you could show me sometime
She said don't think so honey
Boy you should get so lucky


Yeah, you're my tattoo rose

Yeah and I said where is your little secret
She said you know I keep it


Yeah, my tattoo rose

You know woman, I gotta see that tattoo.



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